Wave Match -- the most unusual, exciting concept ever created for meeting "like-minded" people, an amazing way to make new friends around the world who are on your "mental wavelength." And it really works!

Wave Match is not some kooky, out-of-left-field hocus-pocus. It is not based on the metaphysical or spiritual. It is not astrology, incense-burning, or channeling.

With Wave Match you do not need any special ESP or other mental powers. One of the surprises and pleasures of Wave Match is that everyone, regardless of their psychic abilities, can enjoy this exciting new way to discover other people from around the world with whom they're "mentally connected."

Whether participants are married, single, straight, gay, tall or short, Wave Match is an irresistibly fun way for interesting, curious, diverse, friendly people to meet others "on their wavelength." We believe that differences in culture, race, personal tastes, intellect, or any other external factors should never prevent people from meeting their "brain buddies."

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