How WaveMatch Works

Like most great new ideas, WaveMatch is simple. We call the basic system "the Funnel."

In Level One of the Funnel, we present a few simple symbols. Participants select any symbol they like. There's no right or wrong answer. That's it!

Now we go to work. We find those other participants around the world who picked the same symbol, and we introduce them to one another. You can exchange e-mail addresses or mix it up on a chat line. Your degree of privacy or sociability is entirely up to you.

Statistically, of course, a certain number of participants will pick the same symbol by pure chance. But some matches may be because participants are on the same "wavelength." At this point, we don't know which matches are statistical coincidence and which may be true mental connections. You can stop here or move on to the next level, which will narrow your search for your psychic soul mates.

In Level Two, we present those who matched symbols in the first round—now members of a subgroup—with a new array of symbols. Again, participants pick any symbol, and again we match your pick with those from the same group who picked the same symbol.

We never add new members to a group. The people with whom you travel down the Funnel are those from your original group. Statistically, ongoing matches will represent an exponentially decreasing percent of the original participant pool. The odds of coincidental matches are falling fast!

Again, we put members in touch with others in your own match subgroup, and again you can exchange as much personal information as you like. We never give out personal information without your permission!

As before, you can stop here—knowing that even in this rapidly narrowing "mentally connecting" group there undoubtedly will be chance, statistical matches—or you can continue to narrow your search.

Levels Three and Four repeat the process, using different symbols. Once again, we match picks from your original Funnel group. Matches in this round represent less than one percent of an original participant pool!

At Level Five, the odds of member matches getting this far together by pure accident is infinitesimal. By this time, you can be pretty sure that something more than mere chance is going on. Having picked the same symbol through all five rounds, you and your mental soul mate(s) have now hit the "wavelength connection" goldmine.

That's it! In a short time you'll have found your "brain mate(s)" from around the world. It's a concept that's exciting, brand new—and it works!

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